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Developing Winnipeg

Improving the community for over 20 years. Rockport strives to create luxury apartment communities and purpose-built commercial spaces.

The Bottom Line

Rockport's Mission

With a passion for creating inclusive living spaces that cater to a variety of needs, Rockport is a company dedicated to building apartment complexes and commercial spaces that not only meet the needs of diverse populations but also transform communities. Our commitment to excellence and innovation drives us to design and develop spaces that foster a sense of belonging and well-being for all residents and commercial clients. Join us on this journey as we strive to make a positive impact and create vibrant, thriving communities for people from all walks of life.

Bona Vista & Bella Vista

Stunning, modern and sophisticated
Discover a true oasis that offers luxury, convenience, and relaxation. Residents of our Bona Vista and Bella Vista Properties enjoy beautifully designed apartments and unrivaled amenities. Only a short drive to the Sage Creek townsite allows for quick access to some of the best shopping, dining, and entertainment in South Winnipeg.
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